Fashion Shows

Sumaaya Greens Always Delivering Best Of Our Services.

Fashion Shows

To embody the 'Indian heritage' in the elegance of its ambience and hopitality, the warmth of the welcome, the sophistication of the services, and the art of exceptional cuisine. If you are planning your next venue for any of your occasion , this is a place you would like to select to invite your guests for a gala celebration.

At the Sumaaya Greens, it is the best place for Corporate Events, Fashion Shows, Gazal Nights, Great Decor, Musical Shows or Function and Social get-together. we have the great pleasure to make every moment of the reception ceremony truly moving and memorable.

After all, it's one get-together where from the bride and the bridegroom will leave as one soul in two bodies. And we would like to make the memories of which last to a lifetime.

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